ISPRS Workshop Commissions VI/1 - VI/2

E-Learning 2011 within ACRS

Taipei, Taiwan, October 4-6, 2011

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Workshop intention and goals

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The needs to acquire, update, and develop skills regularly, in order to be be aware of development in e and web based learning are a major educational mandate in our societies. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for people’s employability and leads to a great challenge to developers and providers of training material. Large companies recognised the undeniable capabilities of e-learning techniques for customer training and heavily invested to setup online tutorial videos or courses to im-prove the users’ software skills. Additionally, universities and non-profit organisations offer training modules in the fields of photogrametry, remote sensing and GIS, not only for students but also for scientists and employees of authorities and enterprises. High quality e-learning tools and courses are sought, but their development is very challenging, often resulting in high demands in development time, and therefore staff and financial costs.Faced with these challenges educators have to be knowledgeable- about rapidly developing e-resources, techniques and tools, which lead to more efficient, interactive, interesting and easily accessible learning tools.

The workshop aims at bringing together international researchers from academia, industry and government in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing and Geomatics with an interest in modern and e-learning methods.

The workshop will be a platform to exchange views on recent e-learning concepts, standards and useful software tools for setting up interactive modules and teaching materials which should help to create cost savings and to improve the e-skills of lecturers. It‘s the intention not only to attract educators from universities but also to allure companies to present their activities. Therefore an additional focus will be given to demonstrate examples of good practise, e.g. case studies, videos, podcasts and further e-learning applications.

The workshop is integrated in the 32nd ACRS Conference organized by Chinese Taipei Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research - National Central University, and Asian Association on Remote Sensing. For further information on ACRS 2011 please visit the hompage.