How to Reach TU Berlin

Public transport stations near TU Berlin

Underground (Ubahn): Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Line 2 (red Line)

Bus: Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Lines M45, 245 and  X9
        Steinplatz, Lines M45 and 245

Sbahn: Zoologischer Garten, Lines S5, S7, S75
            Tiergarten, Lines S5, S7, S75


By rail

At Central station take a regional train or S-Bahn (any line in direction of Charlottenburg, Westkreuz, Potsdam or Spandau) to Zoologischer Garten. The main campus is only a five minute walk from Zoologischer Garten railway station. You can also take a bus (M45, 245 oder X9) or the U-Bahn (Line 2) to Ernst Reuter Platz (or you can stop a taxi and take a fixed rate short ride from Zoologischer Garten).

By plane

(Berlin has two airports)

  • Tegel:
    The airport is very close to the Main Campus. Take the airport shuttle bus (X9) to Ernst-Reuter Platz (15 minutes) or take a taxi (10 minutes).
  • Schönefeld:
    This is across the city, so a taxi is expensive unless you can share the costs.
    • At S-Bahnhof Flughafen Schönefeld take a regional train (RE7, destination Dessau) or S-Bahn (Line 9, destination Pankow, change at Ostkreuz to any train in direction of Zoologischer Garten). Leave the train at Zoologischer Garten. From there you can walk down Hardenbergstrasse (five minutes), take a bus (M45, 245, or X9), or take the U-Bahn (Line 2, destination Ruhleben) one station to Ernst Reuter Platz. (Or you can stop a taxi and take a fixed rate short ride).
    • Take a 171 or X7 bus to the underground station Rudow and from there take the Line 7 (destination Rathaus Spandau) to Bismarckstrasse, then change onto the Line 2 (destination Pankow) and travel two stops to Ernst Reuter Platz.
      Both options take about an hour.



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