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Welcome to SGI 2015 Workshop, Berlin

In the last decade space geodetic techniques have turned into a promising tool for remote sensing and modeling the ionosphere. This is due to technological advances, development of new satellite missions, enhancement of regional and global ground-based networks, and improvement of appropriate models and algorithms. Nowadays it is impossible to neglect space geodesy in any research related to the ionosphere.

There are several conferences through the year where ionospheric scientists meet and share their investigations and findings; however geodetic community lacks such gathering.

SGI Workshop aims to bring together geodesists and other scientists from all over the world to one meeting, dealing with geodetic sciences related to the ionosphere.

The SGI workshop will

  • provide a great opportunity for geodetic scientists to meet and share their findings,
  • provide opportunity for extended discussion about the presented topics,
  • increase the visibility of space geodesy with respect to ionosphere research,
  • offer an appropriate platform for further collaborations in the field of ionosphere research,
  • make available the possibility of common voice among the geodetic scientists dealing with the ionosphere, and
  • contribute to the objectives of International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Sub-commission 4.3: "Remote Sensing and Modelling of the Atmosphere".


Organized by:

Chair of Satellite Geodesy, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science,Technische Universität Berlin

Department 1 'Geodesy and Remote Sensing', DeutschesGeoForschungsZentrum GFZ





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