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Welcome to ISPRS WG VI/2

The needs to acquire, update, and develop skills regularly, in order to be aware of continuous advancements in our fields are a major educational mandate in our societies. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for people’s employability and leads to a great challenge to developers and providers of training material.

Large companies recognised the undeniable capabilities of web-based learning techniques for customer training and heavily invested to setup online tutorial videos or courses to improve the users’ software skills. Additionally, universities and non-profit organisations offer training modules not only for students but also for scientists and employees of authorities and enterprises.

High quality web-based learning tools and courses are sought, but their development is very challenging, often resulting in high demands in development time, and therefore staff and financial costs.

Faced with these challenges educators have to be knowledgeable about rapidly developing resources, techniques and tools, which lead to more efficient, interactive, interesting and easily accessible learning tools.

Workshop of WG VI/1-3, Berlin 2015

ISPRS WG VI/2 together with WG VI/1 and VI/3 will organise the joint workshop Advances in Web-based Education Services in Berlin, Germany. It will take place from June 18-19, 2015 and is hosted by the Helmoltz Centre - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. For detailed information click here.

WG VI/2 Webpages, period 2004 - 2012

Former activities of WG VI/2 are archieved and can be accessed by interested persons here.